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The oldest brand in Irish healthcare offering something new 

Vhi is a state enterprise set up by the Irish government in 1957 to offer private healthcare. It’s the largest provider, with 49% of the market. In the past few years it has expanded way beyond health insurance to offer healthcare directly to its customers, with its own directly employed doctors and specialists in its own purpose-built health centres. But the public’s perception of the brand had not evolved alongside its offering. Our task was to change that.  

Uniquely, the Vhi sees your health as one big interconnected story, as everything can affect it – work, stress, family, sex, food, hobbies, and so much more. That’s why they’re creating one big interconnected healthcare system, breaking down the silos so that a multidisciplinary team will work together to treat the whole of you – mind, body and spirit. Looking at the big interconnected story of your health, and not just one aliment in isolation.

That’s why the new brand essence is ‘Because your health means everything’. This is the new big brand idea that will be activated across all touchpoints over the coming years, launching with a new look and feel for TVC/film and digital assets. 

As the oldest and most trusted health brand in Ireland, only the Vhi have the authority to tell this big interconnected story of Irish health. 

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