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B2B Brand

EE’s brand was not working for UK small businesses. They were number three by market share, behind O2 and Vodafone. Yet they were named as the best network for business for three years running. Had more innovative props than anyone else. And had a network that was faster and more reliable. But all of that was industry recognition, not customer recognition. As they struggled to build a consistent proposition and persona – an idea on which to build their business brand. We were tasked changing that.


99% of all businesses are SMEs. They employ 15.6m people and are responsible for £1.75m in turnover. So we created a brand around being ‘The Network that’s Best for Work’. A champion of everyday grafters. Risk takers. Positioning EE as the accessible and tireless supporter at the heart of the real economy of Britain. Which is why all props comms were built on the four pillars of speed, innovation, service, and value to help SMEs do business faster, do business smarter, do business easier, and be more advanced for less. 

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