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Proving that Dunnes Stores
is still Always Better Value

With 134 stores across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Spain, Dunnes Stores is Ireland’s largest retailer, with around 23% of the grocery market.


Over the years it has grown its premium range of food products and brands to match, say, Waitrose in the UK, all while staying true to its iconic brand promise to be ‘Always Better Value’. It’s still a family owned business and its brand promise has its roots in the first store that Ben Dunne opened in 1944. They take it very seriously.   


But how do you keep that brand promise alive and meaningful in the minds of Irish consumers during the worst cost of living crisis in a generation?


That’s where the Double Savers campaign comes in. Now you can save twice: once in the aisle with better value prices and again at the till with shopping vouchers. The campaign idea is to ‘Shrink your Bill’, where characters named Bill shrink while they discover Double Savers as they shop. In the middle of a cost of living crisis, who doesn’t want to shrink their bill? 


The campaign ran across TV, radio, VOD, out-of-home, social and digital as well as in-store. It also features a new audio sting for the brand. 

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