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Brand Campaign

Changing the future of power 

Drax owns the UK’s biggest power plant, based just outside the village of Drax in Yorkshire. You’ve probably never heard of them until recently, as they’ve never advertised before. This despite the fact they are one of the leading suppliers of renewable energy to UK businesses and in swapping coal for biomass in their plant, they led the biggest decarbonisation project in Europe. They’ve been doing pioneering stuff like this for decades, and now their eyes are set on being the first organisation to implement bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) at scale and to use it to go carbon negative.

They came to us to create their first national brand campaign. We developed their big idea, full messaging, and through the line creative campaign – working with world-renowned illustrator Noma Barr. It’s a powerful platform that shows that with Drax’s pioneering spirit and range of unique products and services, Drax can help organisations be future positive. So wherever you are on your sustainability journey, they can make achieving your decarbonisation goals easier, simpler and cheaper than you may think. Starting right away.   

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